INdAM Day Ferrara April 18, 2018

Recent advances in multiscale modeling and numerics for hyperbolic and kinetic equations
Goal of the present one-day meeting is to present some state of the art results on modelling and numerical methods for hyperbolic and kinetic problems with particular focus on the challenges represented by the presence of multiple scales.

During this special day, we will honor the 60th birthday of Professor Giovanni Russo (University of Catania, Italy).

Rémi Abgrall                                           

University of Zürich, Switzerland

Some remarks on conservation and entropy stability for systems of conservation laws



Pierre Degond                                                 

Imperial College, UK

Coarse-graining of collective dynamics models



Maurizio Falcone

University of Roma La Sapienza, Italy

Adaptive filtered schemes for first order Hamilton-Jacobi equations



Philippe LeFloch

Sorbonne University, France

Spherically symmetric fluid flows around a black hole



Siddhartha Mishra

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

What are we computing with numerical methods for hyperbolic systems of conservation laws



Giovanni Russo

University of Catania, Italy

Gauss waveform transform methods for the Schrödinger equations near the semiclassical limit for scalar and vector potential



Eric Sonnendrücker

Max Planck Institute, Germany

Geometric particle in cell methods for Vlasov-Maxwell



Giuseppe Toscani

University of Pavia, Italy

Human behavior and lognormal distribution